Winamp Kernel Streaming
This version of the Winamp Kernel Streaming Plugin has been under development since late 2005. The project began as an attempt to improve the stability of the existing Kernel Streaming plugin developed by Chun Yu Shien. After several revisions of this code, many people were asking for the addition of various features, particularly buffering. For these features, the existing codebase was no longer considered suitable, so I pretty much rewrote the plugin from scratch.

The various revisions of the plugin are presented below and new ones will be added as they become available. Version numbers 2.x are reworked versions of Chun Yu's code, while versions 3.0 onwards are my rewrite. Each download contains the plugin along with a readme file describing the plugins history, usage, bug fixes and known limitations. Earler plugins are accompanied by a plain text file, later ones are HTML based and should be read with your browser.

Although the plugin is tested and has proven stable in general use, you use it entirely at your own risk and I accept no responsibility for any damage or loss caused by the use of this plugin.

Finally, a big thank you to all the people on the Hydrogen Audio forums who have provided feedback and suggestions for ways to improve the plugin.
Latest Version
Download V3.63

Fixed occasional crash at start of playback.

Older 3.x Versions
Download V3.62
Download V3.62 Source Code

Fixed timing discrepancies with 24 bit playback when used in combination with certain file formats and sound card drivers.

Download V3.61
Download V3.61 Source Code

Fixed issue where diagnostic log files were created in different places depending on how Winamp had been launched.

Download V3.6
Download V3.6 Source Code

Added logarithmic volume control.

Added diagnostic logging system

Removed several annoying popup messages - now use diagnostic log to find out what's going wrong.

Fixed problem trying to play multi channel (e.g. 5.1) material, thanks to Leif for the tip off.

Fixed problem where playback would not be gapless if WAVEFORMATEX fallback was being used.

Download V3.5
Download V3.5 Source Code

Fixed problem with Gapless playback when sample format changes (fixes various track change related issues usually resulting in a "Could Not Create Pin" message followed by Winamp crashing).

Fixed problem with Gapless playback when track was changed while paused (track would not play).

Download V3.4

Removed 4K output buffer option as it was found to cause crashes on M-Audio Audiophile 2496.

Increased player thread priority to Time Critical to reduce susceptibility to heavy loading.

Added an option to change the number of output buffers.

Added "Gapless" mode.

Config screen now uses slider controls for buffer size adjustment.

Converted readme to html for improved readibilty/accessibility.

Download V3.3

Fixed problems when playing .d00 files.

Changed available buffering options in config to now include 16,32,64 and 128K input plus 4,8,16 and 32K output.

Added protection to buffer selection to avoid buffer underruns.

Added Status window to aid problem diagnosis and buffer adjustment.

Download V3.2

Fixed problems with "Winamp Music" and .mod players skipping while playing.

Removed 2 second delay before sending player thread to sleep when it falls idle - seems okay in tests.

Download V3.1

Quick fix for heavy system load that occurs when playback is suspended. Player thread is now put to sleep.

Download V3.0

Rewritten from scratch to prevent audio breakup with low power CPU's when under heavy CPU load. Now uses an asynchronous playback thread that is fed from Winamp via an adjustable buffer.

Older 2.x Versions - this has been replaced by the 3.x versions which is more resilient when running on systems with heavy CPU usage. However, this version may still be useful if you require very low latency.
Download V2.5
Download V2.5 Source Code
Download V2.4 Source Code

Modified version of Chun Yu Shien's plugin with improved stability and a configuration dialog allowing selection of output device, disabling of volume control and facility to hold / release the audio device when not playing.

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