Galaxy of Error is a new, original action puzzle game for the ZX Spectrum Next.

Guide Spaceman Dan back to his ship, collecting fuel along the way through 30 exciting missions. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, perhaps not, there are complications. Dan's only means of transport is a dodgy jetpack with no brakes, meaning once he sets off, he can't stop until he hits something. Fortunately, although space is really, really big, it's not exactly empty and there are plenty of things lying around for him to crash into.

In some levels, friendly astro droids can be manoeuvred to help guide Dan in just the right direction as well as handy satellites that can be bounced around by Dan, the droids and each other to nudge him towards his goal.

But space isn't without its perils, you wouldn't want to get Dan stuck or send him flying off into the icy depths with one wrong blast from his jetpack would you? In later missions deadly electric arcs rip through the fabric of space, they'll also rip through Dan and the droids if they get a chance. Finally, there's the need to keep an eye on the oxygen gauge, when that runs out Dan will be toast and that's a state of matter that should only be reserved for bread!




This game is available to download completely free. Yes, that's right, the cost to you is zero, zilch, nada, nothing! It's been written as a labour of love, with the intention of creating a fun, old school and original puzzle game that retains the flavour of a classic Spectrum game while making good use of the ZX Spectrum Next's advanced features. Hopefully I've succeeded.

Gameplay Screenshots

1 / 8
A nice, simple mission to get you started.
2 / 8
Something requiring a bit more thought.
3 / 8
Doors, arcs and droids.
4 / 8
A simple satellite problem. Well, maybe not that simple.
5 / 8
Double droids and electric death.
6 / 8
Some jiggery pokery required here.
7 / 8
A serious satellite puzzler.
8 / 8
...and this is just the beginning of the mission!